Do Instagram ads really work?

So, maybe you’ve just started a youtube channel or opened a trendy new lighting company, and you want to reach a wider audience.

You consistently ask yourself whether it is worth spending money to gain engagement, well i have the answers for you.

In order to understand whether paying to ‘promote’ your Instagram posts is worth it, i ran a little test using one pound. As i am a student – with limited funds, i wanted to see how far a single pound could increase my likes. Yes that’s right, a single pound!

Firstly, it is important to mention that i set the reach to automatic, meaning Instagram promoted my pictures to profiles with similar interests to mine – lifestyle, beauty and fashion. In addition, it is essential to state that I ran this advertisement for 24 hours only!

Furthermore, the results from this test will be compared to a photo that received an average amount of likes for my Instagram account.

So, the results…

70 organic likes.
163 promoted likes.

As seen from the images above, the photo on the left features likes gained purely from my followers. On the other hand, the picture on the right was promoted through an Instagram ad. The promoted picture gained an engagement increase of 79% in comparison to my average amount of likes (70)! So crazy when you take in to account the budget and the time that the advertisement ran for.

So, to answer the title – yes, Instagram ad’s definitely do work! And it also seems that you don’t need a massive budget to reach and engage a wider audience.