How to reach a wider Instagram audience.

Okay, you’re reading this because maybe you have a small business that you want to promote, or maybe you have a blog. Either way, i am going to explain a few tips and tricks in order for you to increase engagement for your brand.

  • If you haven’t done already, switch your profile over to a business or content creator profile. (This is so important as you can gain insights into the analytics of your profile.)
  • Okay, this one may seem pretty obvious to most but use hashtags! (Although, it is key to research hashtags and understand the Instagram algorithm first!)
  • Consistency is key! (A recent presentation from Instagram explained that the highest growth rate comes from posting 3 times a day!)
  • Instagram stories. (If you have a product, produce short behind the scenes videos. Make people excited and get them to return daily!)
  • Timing. (Run some test posts, one in the morning, afternoon and evening – see what time works best for your location and profile.)