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A world of opportunities – Pin Gin.

So, this post is a little different to my previous posts. As you will know by now i have finished my degree in Business Studies and I am in the process of finding my perfect graduate job.

I don’t think i have specifically touched what area of business i am looking to have my career in, so i may as well explain that now. If you have read my previous posts, looked at my Instagram or watched my Youtube channel you will have gathered that my passion lies within content creation. So personally for me, there is only one area i can think of that is most fitting with my passions – marketing.

You see the difficult thing is now that there are hundreds of thousands of graduates leaving University every single year. This means that landing or even getting an interview for a job is highly unlikely. Furthermore, i truly believe that a degree is not enough anymore – employers want more!

So this is why I have taken it upon myself to voluntarily create social media content for Tom from Pin Gin – a Lincolnshire spirit brand. I have been fortunate enough to land this role and gain some on hand experience into the world of social media marketing. Not only has this strengthened my CV, I also now feel much more confident when attending interviews.

Over the next upcoming weeks I am attending a range of events, photographing and creating content to spread across Pin Gin’s social media channels. Additionally, I will also be creating a separate section on this site dedicated to the work that i create for Pin Gin. So keep an eye out for that!